NetSuite eBay Connector

SuiteStation eBay Connector for NetSuite

In the dynamics of eCommerce, the SuiteStation NetSuite eBay integration is the bedrock of doing smart commerce over the global web. SuiteStation integrates eBay connector flawlessly with retailers NetSuite. The eBay platform processes profound visibility across 150+ countries, hence, its integration provides a massive online exposure for the retailer’s stock products to optimize the benefits. Such integration automates entire processes of the business in real-time, such as inventory, orders, product management, shipping, tracking, etc., effectively saving time and money. Retailers can focus on core business, efficiently managing the resulting orders, instead of wasting time on manual synchronization of eBay store and NetSuite account. Effectively saving time and money, this capably brings and centralizes all eBay information into retailer’s NetSuite account. The NetSuite eBay connector gets executed using the latest software management tools, applying the best advertising strategies to promote retailer’s products across multiple channels.

SuiteStation eBay Connectors Benefits

  • Automatic sync of customer data and payment invoices
  • Real-time item export & inventory export
  • Manage your eBay store template
  • Potentially powerful Dashboard & Monitoring functionality
  • Simultaneous live listing and schedule conclusion
  • Sync Customers, Orders, & Fulfillment
  • Configure eBay HTML template for listing
  • Syncs shipping methods across eBay and NetSuite
  • Update Tracking numbers leaving feedback on eBay store
  • Order synchronization, transparent accessibility of all transactions
  • Perform data transfer and entry process simple and user-friendly
  • Provide variable affordable cost structures for eBay and other market places
  • Provide markup cost for various shopping engines
  • Can import and export product with custom/store category
  • Catalogue management
  • Download Categories/Shipping with status message
  • Track stock levels and pricing
  • Enhance customer service
  • Value-for-money solution saves time and money
  • Retain accuracy via eliminating probability of occurring errors

SuiteStation eBay Connector Features

SuiteStation NetSuite eBay connector for NetSuite seamlessly links Customers, Orders, and Items, to NetSuite and eBay using Web Services/API technology An integrated solution encompasses all the back office functions of NetSuite ERP and the ecommerce attributes of the eBay platform. Fully automated feature enable online merchants to focus on the more vital business aspects, managing the little details of fulfillment processes. SuiteStation eBay connector complements NetSuite with a feature-rich e-commerce platform inclusive of following features:
  • One-page checkout,
  • Multiple ship-to addresses,
  • Product reviews,
  • Optimization for mobile devices,
  • Image zoom-in,
  • Wish lists,
  • Layered/faceted navigation for product filtering, and several other exciting features.
  • The centralized user interface provides entire accessibility into all aspects of integration.
  • Enterprise strengthens integration.
  • Permit large volume transactions.
  • Hassle free, uninterrupted service via a SaaS subscription model.
  • An accurate track on item stock levels with information shared between NetSuite and eBay.
  • Business-specific customizable Interfaces are installed from a SuiteBundle directly to your NetSuite account.
  • Communication with NetSuite is facilitated via NetSuite’s SuiteTalk SOAP-depending on web services and is encrypted using SSL.
  • List generation, creation of a list template to display items on eBay
  • Handling listing properties, designating chosen items to list on eBay, determining its availability, and establishing a buy now and/or bidding pricing
  • Irrespective of product size, types, shape, and colour, we help you in selling all kind of your product.
  • Support professionals, community, and enterprise versions.

Any add-on features/ functionality not shown here, is available via customization

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