E-Commerce NetSuite ERP Integration

Your business competition is not still. And neither should you!

The organizations with first-generation ecommerce solutions built with myriad legacy solutions should deploy a robust ecommerce presence entirely integrated with NetSuite ERP to remain competitive.

At this data-age, the customers address the sales channels powered by the technology, exploring the options and then purchase over the channels. This is gradually becoming the most prefer approach of operations today.

Customers are increasingly making transactions on the smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to make their online transactions. Is your business ready to tap those opportunities, scaling your business? With the right planning and execution, NetSuite ERP-ecommerce integration can be made huge success reaping profit and ensuring ROI in the business.

SuiteStation practice the art of integrating and extracting the potential value of every bit of information that flows through the entire organization system. We empower our customers by providing the personalized, multichannel customer experience, via automating your business transactions, intelligently making it real-time user-friendly.

Our expert team applies the right governance on your data/information via NetSuite ERP integrated solutions. And this is where SuiteStation NetSuite ERP integration proves its worth. Our NetSuite ERP integrated solutions collect, store, transform, manages, and integrate your business information, ensuring robust data governance and the information can be securely located at the right time, at the right place.


What Is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP-ecommerce is a business process management software that enables the organizations to utilize systems of integrated applications to manage business operations, sync entire information, and automate back office functions related to technology, services, and human resources. For instances, a manufacturer will deploy an ERP that integrates business areas such as planning, inventory, sales, purchasing, marketing, finance, and human resources.

A transactional activity performed using web services by the organization to automate the order fulfillment process, is precisely an Ecommerce. For example, select products and services, identify inventory, complete transaction etc.

The process of implementing the ecommerce systems by B2B was considered complex and costly. However, during few years, B2B ecommerce solutions have evolved to integration, providing a customer experience rivaling that offered by B2C standard-bearers. And consequently, the outcomes are aggressively pushing ecommerce forwards.

What Is NetSuite ERP- eCommerce Integration?

ERP-eCommerce Integration is all about collaborating together smaller components into a single system which functions as one. In context to the IT integration, the end result of a process aims to stitch together different, disparate, subsystems such that the information contained in respective transactions becomes part of a larger, more comprehensive system. This ideally, quick and easy approach that shares information when needed on an integrated platform.

SuiteStation NetSuite integration enables inter-operation between the two IT systems/marketplaces, where services/information in one system is needed by the other system and vice versa. Our Integrated services simply connect two or more IT systems together, functioning as a single system interface connector.

Why Your Business Needs Integration?

There are several obvious reasons that demand business integrate ecommerce with respective ERP system. Most important is, optimizing business operational costs, generating more revenue through the respective business online channel.

SuiteStation NetSuite ERP Seamless integration provides the following main advantages to your business :
  • Deliver a personalized customer experience
  • Assure data consistency across your channels
  • Prepare your business to scale
  • Save resources via optimizing resources
  • Eliminate risk of typo-errors and inconsistent data
  • Sync entire information
  • 99.995% Uptime SLA
  • Real-Time Robust Intelligent Information
  • Data backup and Recovery, No LOSS of DATA
  • Bank-Level Data Security, Privacy, and Authentications
  • Fast Compute and Responsive
The main savings with SuiteStation NetSuite ERP-ecommerce integration is of optimizing resources allocation on routine tasks like:
  • Maintaining price and inventory levels in the ecommerce solution
  • Calculating discounts, freight, VAT, etc.
  • Getting online orders into the ERP system
  • Maintaining customer information in both systems
  • Maintaining product data in the ecommerce solution
Integration will partly or completely eliminate the routine tasks associated with tasks mentioned above. Now, one obvious questions arise:
Is the investment in the ERP-eCommerce integration worth it?

Deploying ecommerce solutions delivers clear and quantifiable benefits. As per the survey, 89% of respondents agreed that deploying ecommerce maximized annual company revenue by an average of 55%. Moreover, 88% agreed that deploying ecommerce drove to higher profitability per order by an average of 30%.

84% of respondents agreed that deploying ecommerce drove lower costs per order by an average of 28%. Also, 81% of respondents agreed that ecommerce elevated average order value by an average of 31%. The ecommerce contributes to both the top line and the bottom line of the business with the following benefits.

  • Increase revenue and margin Faster time to market
  • Sell to businesses online
  • Grow revenue
  • Attract new customers
  • Implement B2B ecommerce solutions
  • Delivers clear and quantifiable benefits
  • Improve partner and customer relations, retention
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Greater competitive advantage
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced manual processes
  • Permit ways to move headcount to more strategic projects
  • Extended investments in legacy applications and systems

Increased revenue and margin, the customer integration have proven to improve efficiencies and automating business processes, also, for several organizations, to benefit their businesses significantly. In fact, several organizations improve order size, total revenue and profit margins for accounts which were integrated. Customer integration enhances top and bottom line of the business.

Ecommerce is a net core contributor of revenue growth for all business channels. Deploying ecommerce drives incremental revenues.

Today, customers are empowered with the more buying power than ever before. Customers should come first in any business model, as customers have more choices.

One goal of your ERP-ecommerce integration must be to enhance relationships and retention while enhancing customer and partner business processes with business integration. With the requirement of the enhanced order accuracy, organizations find it challenging to quickly and accurately manage customer transactions.

Elevated operational efficiencies boost efficient operations, reducing the number of users who touch the business process. This is achieved by integrating systems to automate routine manual tasks, that benefit transaction accuracy, and integrity.

As the organizations free up from the manual processes, now the employees can be deployed/assigned to more valued tasks for the organization.

Extended investments in legacy applications and the SuiteStation integrating existing systems can extend the life of legacy assets. Experts integrated service providers such as SuiteStation have experience with ERP-ecommerce integration can help your business to speedup the process, such that you can more quickly realize the ROI from your ERP ecommerce integration investment.

About SuiteStation

At SuiteStation, we provide an enterprise-ready, customized, scalable, secure integrated pioneer solutions. Our capable novel strategies enable businesses via reaching out to various market places with our cutting-edge integrated eSolutions. Our dedicated team works seamlessly for deploying and maintaining complicated business-specific integrations. Our core mission is to empower business-fit platform independent applications for collaborating and connecting market places, at the global level.

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